What is required to get into Medical School?

What is required to apply to medical school

The Medical School application process is long and at times complicated. At a minimum in order to get into medical school you must:

  • Choose the correct AS/A-Levels: depending on which university you are going to choose you typically need 3 sciences (normally biology and chemistry are preferred)
  • Work Experience: conduct work experience of volunteer work (you should aim to do this in the summer between year 11 and 12) If you can’t get work experience or volunteer work then consider free virtual experience e.g. Observe GP
  • UCAT: The UCAT is sat at a Pearson Vue test centre (same place as theory driving test) between July and September. Not all universities use the UCAT.
  • Personal Statement: Start early with your personal statement.
  • BMAT: Registration takes place in September and the test occurs in October. You will need to ask your school if they are a test centre.
  • UCAS deadline: Mid October
  • Interviews: Interviews run from November to March. Don’t be worried if other individuals who have applied to the same university have already heard back.
  • A-Levels: these occur between May and June and to get accepted you must achieve at least 3 As.

There are lots of steps required to produce a competitive application to medicine (See Timeline, Yellow is everything you need to complete in Year 13).

For more information download the following free guide:


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